Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Can I use anodes for cathodic protection of onshore or offshore structures?
Q. Can I use the stainless steel bolt assembly for the pear shaped zinc anode on a GRP hull, or should I use the zinc plated bolts?
Q. How many zinc anodes do I need for the hull of my vessel?
Q. I am moving my vessel to a different type of water, do I need to change the anodes?
Q. I have a pair of 2003 Volvo Penta KAD 32 with DP outdrives. What anodes do I need for mainly freshwater use?
Q. We have the older Volvo 290 DP outdrives, with two triangle anodes, one bar anode and one collar anode. Which anodes will we need?
Q. What can be done to prevent corrosion?
Q. What is a sacrificial anode and how does it protect my vessel?
Q. What is electro-chemical decay in wooden vessels?
Q. Where should I fit the wiring and junction boxes on my boat?